Tips for international students in Nepal

Tips for International students in Nepal

Tips for international students in Nepal

The best way to learn efficiently is to learn smartly. We have seen a lots of students learning hours and hours and then also they are not able to remember the topics/matter at examination time. To balance the studies with everyday lifestyle the best way is to breakdown the syllabus into small parts so that you can recall it easily. However in this blog we will provide you some study tips for international students in Nepal. For medical in Nepal, Click here.

Build an efficient study Zone

By effective study zone we mean that find a comfortable place for you which will allows you to be focused and at your best. At the same time look in which phase of day you are most productive morning, evening or night. Take frequent breaks while studying to boost concentration and avoid drowsiness.

Do not harder, be smarter

Everyone practiced different techniques to approach specified goal, and also find out what works for you. While in case of international students, it is important to maintain a proper balance between social life and academic studies. However all we want to say that don’t be harder be smarter. For more tips visit the site.

Don’t study in bulk

This is the most crucial part of the studies to remember. Some students thinks that long hour studies will grant them more but it is totally myth. However to score high, healthy eating habit, low stress and proper sleep is very important. Over study tends you under the pressure of worst performance in examination.

Be curious

Clear all doubt you have regarding studies. Curiosity help to increases the knowledge in all aspects. There is no need to hesitate when asking any question to your lecturers or friends. It will help you to understand things more clearly. Collect the knowledge from your nearby resources or internet. This is the best way to acquire knowledge on the campus as well from outside. 

Use resources and support materials

 Make maximum resources you have such as books, reference study material, and stationary before starting studies. Some colleges in Nepal also provide support service and stuff to international student who can help you cope with any personal or professional issues regarding studies. Create a daily study schedule and paste it on your study wall. And try avoid social media distracted and other similar activities.

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