Things to do in Nepal for international students

Things to do in Nepal

Things to do in Nepal for international students

Settled in the lap of Great Himalayan mountains, Nepal is been complied with world’s eight tallest peaks and much allure to explore the beauty of this country. It is officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. It is exactly located in South Asia. It is a landlocked country shares Border with India from the South, east and West and Northern part with China. This country spans in an area of 147,181 sq kms. There are a lot of things to do in Nepal for internationals.

Nepal is a one-stop place for everyone. There are so many Buddhist temples, tallest mountains, lakes, picturesque spots, beautiful landscapes, animal parks, Monasteries, delicious traditional food, etc or for more details for medical education, Visit the site.  

 It would be very hard provide details or cover all trekking points as there are so many trekking base camps in Nepal. However, the two most famous base-camp for the world’s tallest highest mountain trekking are Everest base camp and the Annapurna Circuit base camp. Nepal provided some fantastic opportunities for trekking with stunning Himalayan Mountains covering 64% land of the country.

There is no doubt that Nepal is the best country in the world for hiking and trekking. Along with this you can see various monasteries and temples, dazzling lakes scattered all over the Nepal add some great sights and experiences no matter which trek you choose.  

Moving on to the Nepalese Food, basically it is Dal and rice with seasonal vegetables. Even the main course meals are not so interesting, but the lovely sticky sweets cuisines made by Nepalese are mouth-watering. Apart from daily meal, you will find a wide variety of, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, Tibetan, and western food in restaurants. Due to a large proportion of Nepal population is vegetarian. Therefore, there is less variety of meat stuff. International can try bul-la. It is a traditional dregs of rice-wine served with chopped spleen or ti-syah.

Wildlife parks are another attraction of Nepalese attractions. There are 3 wildlife reserves, 9 national parks and three conservation area in Nepal. However the Royal Chitwan National Park is visited by most of foreigners. This park in covers approximately 932km2 area.  It comprises, water marshes, grasslands and Sal tree forest. The biggest attraction of this park is one-horned Indian rhino, Royal Bengal tigers and leopards. So these are the center of attractions, everyone must have to try while visiting Nepal.

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