How is Medical education in nepal for international students

How is Medical education in nepal for international students

In recent years, Nepal has noticed a violent increment of international students, approaching medical colleges in Nepal. It is noteworthy that the Economy of Nepal increases with immense growth in education, health and development programs. Additionally the federal constitution of has also pushing the educational reform for improvement and development of knowledge seekers. Medical education in Nepal is totally rewarding course for international students.

Majority of international students are keenly interested in pursuing medicine in Nepal who lacks quality education, insufficient infrastructure, outdated technologies and teaching methodology, etc.  Nepal medical College has been made much progress and offer high detailed programs designed as per the need of current generation thus become a preferable destination for many aspirants.

Aspiring students of India who dreams to become a medical representative, unluckily their dreams get shattered due to NEET Examination in which only 6 out of 10 will be selected hardly rest of students either looking for private college or planning to go abroad for studies. Therefore Indian students found Nepalese medical colleges as similar to Indian college due to course curriculum, MCI approval, affordable fees structure, and less competition and high possibilities of career growth.

Nepal offered highly subsidized fees cost for MBBS program as compared to Indian institution, additionally Nepalese College are also recognized by the Medical Council of Nepal, and affiliated to the Kathmandu or Tribhuwan University of Nepal. Therefore, the course provided by the medical college are strictly drawn as per the guideline of UNESCO and directly regulated by the Ministry of Education, Nepal.

Furthermore, Nepal is the neighboring country of India and both the nations experience cordial relation among each other, thus Indian students are not require to take students Visa and it is easier for the students to get in connection with their parents or if any emergency arises they can travel back within few hours. Peoples of Nepal are very friendly and just because of similarity of environment, food, culture and habits like India students don’t feel alone and prevents from homesickness.

Along with many facilities, admission procedure in Nepal medical college are very easier and hassle-free. Hence, Nepal is overall a prominent place for Indian as well as international students planning to study abroad.

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