Facilities provided by Nepalese Medical Colleges

Facilities provided by Nepalese Medical Colleges

There is a new notion in international medical aspirants of pursuing Medicine in Nepal.  Situated in the lap of magnificent Himalayan Mountains, Nepal is developing much faster and provide a doorway to gain a high quality education in Its educational institutes. There are plenty of facilities provided by Nepalese Medical Colleges for excellent education. Due to its developing economy Nepal comes with various opportunities to pursue higher studies and reach their ultimate goal.

Nepalese medical Colleges are occupied with world class infrastructure and latest technologies which is compulsory need of every students for better learning and training. As we all known that knowledge is the superior weapon for social as well as economic development. There are many prestigious college in Nepal such as B.P. Koirala Institute of health sciences, Chitwan Medical College and others offer standard education at comfortable environment.

Starting from the center of Knowledge, Medical colleges of Nepal are equipped with a large library as a source of knowledge. These library are complied with text book, journals, reference books, e-library or CD ROM related with medicine. Library contribute an excellent environment for focused study. They are well-equipped with sufficient space, seating capacity, Drinking water, washroom, Printer, Internet, etc. to prevail extra privileges they offer library membership to the students.

Almost all medical college offer hostel facility to the students. Hostel rooms are well furnished and provide comfortable accommodation to the students for lodging and comfort zone. There is a separate hostel for girls and boys. In Nepal hostel rooms can be shared by two roommates of same gender. There is a common canteen in complex, generally rooms are occupied with utilities like table, single bed, chair, a cupboard, etc. hostels are well maintain having a common Audio-visual room, computer room with internet connectivity, playground, within campus premises.

For better connectivity and latest technology almost all medical college across Nepal are occupied with IT Department for fulfillment of academic growth and qualitative studies and also to overcome with any kind of technological issues.   

Moreover for quick and safe travel, transport facilities are provided by the college to the students, staff and working members. Mostly buses are used for travelling. There is a fixed schedule for pick-up and dropping the students at college campus or training hospital.

Additionally, extra-curricular activities are the integral part of every college for the development of leadership skills, personality development, communication skills and value morals. Some college also provide 50-75% discount on medical or surgical treatment of Student or there beneficiaries like mother or father that it.  

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