Amazing facts about Nepal

Amazing facts about Nepal

Nepal officially known as the Federal democratic republic of Nepal. Nepal is the land of high mountains, Indo-genetic plains, valleys, educational institutions, historical monuments, tourist spots and packed with adventurous activities. When we heard the name of Nepal, the first thought knock our mind is great Himalayas but Nepal is more than that. There are many amazing facts about Nepal which will make you plan a trip to Nepal.

Being the home of World highest mountain that is Mount Everest, Nepal is the one and only nation at the globe with starting elevation of 70m. from the sea level and highest elevation recorded as 8848m from sea level. However Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is enlisted in UNESCO sites for being the home of seven heritage sites under cultural categories. These spots are located within 15km of range.

One of the weirdest fact about Nepal is that it is the cheapest destination for mountaineer, medical education seekers, and bag packers also it has the highest number of returning visitors goes back safely to their native country than any other south Asian countries. Nepal is known for peace and love for all.

Another fact about is its flag, if you noticed the flag of other nations, most of them are either in square or rectangle shape but the flag of Nepal is a the combination of two equilateral triangles. It is red, blue and white in color having Sun and a lotus on half Moon.

The geography of Nepal extend in an elongate manner from East to West. Whereas north and south remains compact the fact is with 100km of range you can experience warm to severe cold climate. However if we move to the language, so everyone knows Nepali is the official language of Nepal but there are 123 local language spoken as the mother tongue by the ethnic group locates in Nepal. It is weird in itself but it exist in Nepal.

Moreover, Kaligandaki River considered as oldest river than Himalayas separates east and western Himalayan ranges. Geographical variation makes the possibilities of flora and fauna in Nepal, apart from other Nepal is recorded for tallest grassland in the world. So, these are few facts related with Nepal which make it fun and exciting place in Asia.

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